Achieving Reduced Carbon Emissions

In 2005 Yale committed to a greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal of 43% below 2005 levels by 2020. In an effort to achieve this goal, the University has committed to reducing energy use within buildings through conservation and efficiency, adhering to sustainable construction and renovation standards for buildings, increasing efficiency in Yale’s on-campus power plants, and promoting behavioral shifts by building occupants. 
As an illustration of this campus-wide, coordinated effort explore a variety stories, videos, and news articles all about how Yale has accomplished reducing its carbon emissions.
Yale has reduced emissions by 20% since 2005. These reductions equal the amount of greenhouse gases produced by more than 30,000 homes in a year. Read all about Yale’s goal and the stats behind how we got it done.

Investments in renewable energy on campus have allowed us to generate clean energy on campus.  


Identifying energy efficiency opportunities for our buildings has resulted in millions of dollars of savings


Students on campus play a critical role in helping achieve our emissions reductions

Verified Carbon Offsets purchased from offsite projects have complemented the on-campus reductions, enabling us to take more timely action on climate. (Yale Sustainability)

Staff members from across the University have deployed projects aimed at reducing emissions


Learn more about carbon neutrality, and the effort to reduce carbon worldwide